If you ever left me lonely bitch I'll never forget it
Memories don't fade away no you can't touch none my blessings
Ever treat me like a goofy ima leave like it's funny
Back in the day they used to hate me now I gottem all on me
He be tryna get ahold a me but I be hard to reach
He told me he was in love but I said let's not make believe
If I was down would you come pick me up or would you sleep on me?
I been smokin' like a chimney it be kinda hard to breathe
Don't be askin' for a hand when you would never give to me
Please don't ask me for a verse its cuz I'm worth some bigger cheese
Walk a bitch who talkin' shit just like I got her on a leash
If I said it then it's facts so do you understand capeesh
Don't compare me to nobody none the less I don't compete
Bitch I made my own wave these other rappers gotta team
If they ever speak about me better put respect on me
I ain't tryna be rude can't talk to you you out my league
If you ever see me with her it's cuz she be with it too
Sneak dissin' catch you lackin' you gon get split into two
Go ahead and catch these ones not thinkin' bout creasin' my shoes
Pay attention where you walkin' yes now you may be excused
Couple homies that I trusted ended up bein' too friendly
Turn your back for just a second and they follow who be trending
Now I keep my circle small I don't be fuckin' with too many
You can't get a second chance with me already learned my lesson
Really hate when time be wasted you and I don't think the same
If you 25 and broke then you the only one to blame
My past the devil always askin' me can I come out to play
No I never would of guessed it damn now look how far I came
I make this rap shit look so easy by the way I ride the beat
You'd never guess I had it in me takin' one good look at me
It's cuz I got a lot to say I left my feelings in the street
Now the only thing I'm worried bout is be a better me
Browsin' through the dark web put me in a dark place
You can't tell me shit bout nothin' if you always played it safe
Gotta money makin' mindset how you gonna play the game?
I just hope the music take me far like bankin' off of plays
As of lately I been workin' hard to switch up all my ways
So that's why if you ever ask me ima tell you I been straight
I gotta keep my distance they all want the steak that's on my plate
If you ever do some sketchy shit it ain't up for debate
I don't even wanna fuck with him if we can't go on dates
New goofies actin' lame can't even ask me bout my day
Look at how ya momma raised ya so pathetic it's a shame
Fuck I look like what you doin'? Where you at? You wanna blaze?
Why you sayin' your opinion I don't care about the fame
I do this shit for baby me and anybody who relate
I really owe myself a lot I'm bouncin' back from all the pain
Lord forgive me ima go ahead and charge it to the game

Alexandra Fastuca

Täzelikler, Jeksparro tarapyndan 7 months ago
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