Turkmenistan is the land of ancient civilization and states. And one of them is the Parthian State. Where was this state located? Who are the Parthians? When did the they live and what were they famous for?
The Parthian State was founded in 247 B.C. by Arsak, who was leader of the nomadic people that inhabited the territory of ancient Turkmenistan. The Parthians, our ancestoritors, used to live on the Northern foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains. Actually mountains, plains and prairies of South Turkmenistan became the cradle of the Parthian state.
The Great Parthian State lasted for about centuries. It fell in the 3rd century A.D. Over these 5 centuries about forty kings ruled the country. The kingdom spread as far as the Amyderya River in the north-east and the rivers Tigris and the Euphrates in the south-west.

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