On, beyik Roman imperiyasynda, bay adamlar \"beyik\" hadysalara gowy osurup bilyan masgarabazlary chagyrypdyrlar:) Kim gowy osurup bilse elbetde baydan sowgat alar ekeni. Gowy osurup bilyanler olar meselem bir sazy \"osurup\" bilyarler ekeni. Meselem haysy in gowy goryan sizin sazynyz? Shol osurak ony chalyp bilmegi mumkin ekeni :) Sheyle zehinler.... Ashakda gyzykly maglumat beyik osurklar barada yone ol inlis dilinde. \"Famous Farters BElli Osuraklar Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, cut a juicy fart while swearing loyalty to Queen Elizabeth I. He entered exile for seven years due to embarrassment. When he got back, the queen was reported to have reassured de Vere, “My Lord, I had quite forgotten the fart.” Roman Emperor Claudius passed a law legalizing farting at banquets. That was back in the day when people believed farts were poisonous and you could die from holding them in. Sir Henry Ludlaw had a present for the House of Commons when he released a ginormous fart that was so famous that Ben Johnson wrote an epigram about it. According to Mozart’s letters, he used to fart a lot. He wrote about them in detail to his mother and cousin. Apparently there was a movie made about him that touched on this and it’s completely true. Many attribute Adolf Hitler’s megalomaniac tendencies to the abuse of anti-flatulence pills. A British inventor patented a “fart collecting device” (UK patent app #GB2289222). Apparently you actually have to put the thing up your butt. In 1522 Juan Luis Vives did a commentary on St. Augustine’s “De Civitate Dei”. Both pieces of literature refer to the existence of actual Professional Flatulists. Apparently these guys could produce many pitches, tones, and rhythms with their farts. These apparently were very common during Europe’s dark ages and the art itself has Germanic roots (did I mention I’m about 50% German?). A performer named Roland the Farter was invited to the court of Henry II every Christmas. \" Beyik Osuraklar barada biraz

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